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Posted By: Teribus
10-Sep-17 - 11:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Subject: RE: BS: Jacob Rees Mogg.
Hello there Raggy I see your arithmetic has improved since you were trying to work out votes in Irish Referendums. Trying to tell us that that is the only benefit claimed? What would the other "entitlements" be.

"Here we have a chap, moaning about what he calls "handouts" to the poorest people in society" - Shaw

The poorest people in society? Where was that stated?

Now as for being "economically inactive" Shaw is that your rather long winded way of saying retired?

The crowing "about how much his shares have gained this year." was actually detailing a personal example what has happened financially over the past eighteen months since the electorate of the United Kingdom voted to Leave the EU, which rather countered your "doom'n'gloom" mutterings.

"Now you buy shares with your excess money." - What a strange expression Shaw? What is "excess money" Shaw - disposable income perhaps? What do you do with yours Shaw? From your posts you would appear to "Oikishly" guzzle and munch your way around the place on Cornish Pasties, "sprouting purple" and cheap plonk - your choice.

"Then you sit on your arse doing nothing while your shares "make" money for you. I'd call that a handout."

Ah Shaw, I may not be doing anything but my money is. It is invested in companies that employ people and pay their wages, my money invested pays for research and development, it allows companies to expand and employ even more people. It provides profit and of course dividends that pay people's pensions.

"I wonder whether he sends back his old age pension, another handout to people who are no longer economically active."

Wonder no longer Shaw, I do not return my State Pension as I worked throughout my life and contributed on the higher end of the scale towards it - in short Shaw I earned it. I did not at some opportune moment decide to yell, "Oooh me back", then sit back on benefits (Unemployment, disability, income support, housing and child benefit) until I could lift a pension that I had barely contributed to. Of course it is not just the state pension I rely on for income, I receive three other pensions and my own private pension is yet to kick in - before you ask I also earned all of those and paid into the latter using that "Excess Money" you were wittering on about instead of squandering it.

Your defence of irresponsibility is ridiculous

Stu - 10 Sep 17 - 09:06 AM - So in short Stu, your WE is in fact OTHERS - NOT YOU. Apparently I seem to question things a damned sight more than you or your pals do.