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Posted By: Jim Dixon
10-Sep-17 - 01:29 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Tread on the Tail of Me Coat
Subject: Lyr Add: THE TAIL IV ME COAT
Steve Gardham: Thanks for providing the correct title. Finding these old songs is often a matter of guessing at the original spelling. I would not have thought of searching for "iv" instead of "of." "Thread" for "tread" would have thrown me off, too.

Found in Songs of Ireland and Other Lands: Being a Collection of the Most Popular Irish Sentimental and Comic Songs (New York: D. & J. Sadlier & Co., 1847), page 178:


I larned me reading an' writing,
At Ballyragget where I wint to school,
'Twas there I first took to fighting,
With the school-master, Misther O'Toole;
He and I had many a scrimmage,
The divil a copy I wrote,
But not a gossoon in the village,
Dare thread on the tail iv me coat.

I an illegant hand was at courting,
For lessons I took in the art,
Till cupid, that blaggard, while sporting,
A big arrow sint smack through me heart.
Miss O'Conner, I live straight forninst her,
And tindher lines to her I wrote,
Who dare say a black word against her,
Why I'd thread on the tail iv their coat.

A bog-trotter wan, Micky Mulvany,
He tried for to coax her away;
He had money and I hadn't any,
So a challenge I sent him wan day.
Next morning we met at Killhealy,
The Shannon we crossed in a boat,
There I lather'd him wid me shillely,
For he trod on the tail iv me coat.

Me fame spread through the nation,
Folks flock for to gaze upon me,
All cry out without hesitation,
"Och, yer a fightin' man, Micky Magee!''
I fought with the Finnagan faction,
We bate all the Murphys afloat,
If inclined for a row or a ruction,
Why, I'd tread on the tail iv me coat.