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Posted By: LilyFestre
10-Sep-17 - 06:29 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness -2017- Clearing Out the House
I haven't done much around the house this week as it's just been very busy and the house is in ok it's all good. I took Jeremiah on a surprise Mommy & Me trip yesterday to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. He'd never been in a large city or an aquarium so it was all very exciting and he had a wonderful time, as did I. We walked around the aquarium for maybe 4 hours and then around the Inner Harbor twice...meandering in and out of places that got our attention. My FitBit tells me I walked about 11,000 steps and 11 flights of stairs. I'm a little sore today but I think it's due to the standing still looking into all the various exhibits than the walking.

Today I slept in and have been puttering at my own pace. I cleaned off one shelf of a 7 shelf high bookcase, did some cooking, cleaned off the kitchen table, put things away from yesterday's adventure and am getting ready for a full work week. Clothes are washed and just need to be hung up so I can grab and go in the morning. I have a feeling it's going to be a long week as I am just tired.

I had my port flushed on Friday after not having had it done for 12 was a month overdue but thankfully worked just fine. I had basic bloodwork drawn and will have the tumor marker checked next time. My A1C is a little high, not bad but it's been better so I'll tighten that up. My thyroid is all kinds of out of it's no wonder I am dragging as much as I am lately. I'm hoping my PCP will change the meds without an office visit. I have no idea why my thyroid gets itself so out of balance but it happens periodically. I wonder what it feels like to have full on steam energy? It's been SO long.....I keep chugging along regardless...doing my best!   My family was very concerned when I took on a full time job telling me they didn't think I would be able to handle it.....silly people! ;) I AM tired but love my job!

I think Pete is going to take out 2 of the AC units as it's been nippy lately. I think summer will make a sort comeback but nothing we need the AC for, except maybe the bedroom as I like it cool in there.

Maggie, I could keep you busy with outside projects for a very long soon will be yard work season for me. I don't do much outside during the summer as the heat makes me sick but these cooler days are perfection for to get some energy!

I'm with you Dorothy...the city was a nice place to visit but I like the wide open space and fresh air of the countryside. It's always good to be home.

I hope everybody is well and has a great week!