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Posted By: The Sandman
11-Sep-17 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Do you use D A D G A D?
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Do you use D A D G A D?
"Old Appalachian ballads from unaccompanied singers, however, can be accompanied very effectively with an alternatively-tuned guitar, though many singers would probably head for a modal-tuned banjo first."
however, the idea of using dgdgcd on guitar based on sawmill banjo tuning does work well, and uses the same idea as dadgad, eg one string tuned apart, it is just g modal based, rather than d modal based.
nic jones on occasions used a guitar tuning based on double c banjo tuning,cgcgcd, this is c modal based.
the beauty of dgdgcd is that you only have to retune one semitone to be in straight g major tuning, it generally requires light strings or medium light., and does depend on whether you like to sing in g a or posibly b, capoing up