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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
11-Sep-17 - 09:40 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness -2017- Clearing Out the House

Energy goes up and down - more down than up currently in spite of lovely "Indian Summer" weather. In the 70s for the next week quite a relief from cool and rainy most of "summer" interspersed with over 80 days! The screen house is almost complete - just a few pieces of molding to go - and I managed to vacuum the sawdust this eve. It is beautiful! Maybe tomorrow I will "move in", well a couple things. Need to find a wire brush - I know I have one! - to clean a cabinet, then paint it with spray paint left over from rainbow. I am quite enjoying the lounge chair on the back deck as the sun sets over the hill (6:30!); I cannot see that from the screen house as it is surrounded by tall shrubs - well shaded! We may decide to make a viewing hole but we hate to disturb more of the habitat as the idea is to be close to the swamp/beaver pond and the critters AND safe from the bugs!

Hoping Dan will be back tomorrow so he can help me put the swing back together - 3-seater with canopy so I can stretch out and read outside. It blew over, repeatedly, in the early summer winds and lost an essential piece. I finally figured out what to do. Then the lounge chair, and the four refurbished director's chairs, can go in the screen house. Should I call it a gazebo? It is not fancy but very solid and nicely built with 4x4s!

Took a few pots to the Art Gallery gift shop today. Now need to find a space to put the few boxes still in the car. I think of setting up a display area in the screen house. As the weather holds - a good time to start sorting through storage bins to see if I can part with some STUFF!

R picked some seed pods off some sort of locust tree in July. I put them in a pot and now have a pot full of 3-4 inch plants! Will re-pot tomorrow. And some other garden work. Only managing 0.1 mile on cycle! Ankle still hurts some. Last week I walked about 3 blocks and had to rest part way. No leg muscles left. MUST try harder. And losing it diet-wise (stupid!), I have gained at least 5#.