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Posted By: Jim Carroll
13-Sep-17 - 03:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Clerical Abuse of Children
Subject: RE: BS: Catholic Abuse of Children
"I don't know that burial in a mass grave is necessarily an abuse,"
I agree Joe, but of the secret burial of so many children without public acknowledgement of their deaths and without identifying them isn't, it should be.
The finding of such graveyards in Ireland is now a common occurrence and, with the exception of Tuam, is still not being acted on.
Several years ago in Cork (I think), while an old convent was being demolished to make room for new development a mass grave containing many bodies of children and young people was discovered - there has been nothing in our newspapers since
If you don't have enough information on these things Joe, it is because it is being suppressed
It is quite likely that the Lanarkshire one will be followed up because it is in the U.K., but it's not happening in Ireland to the extent is should be.
I believe that all this is not unlinked to the present battle that is raging here by the church to retain the elevated position it has always held, a way of retaining credibility.
We now know that children and young people - even young "sinning" women were not treated well by the church right into the middle of the 20th century and beyond - from selling children, to physical abuse, virtual slavery, constant humiliation and degradation - to rape and sexual abuse on a wide scale.
This is not because your religion is evil, far from it - it is because those promoting it abused their positions.
Because of the Church's negatively aggressive reaction to being found out, it is your religion that has suffered and we now have a new generation of victims - the true believers who are turning away from the Church in droves, disillusioned.
I believe that all this happened because the church was given (or seized) power way beyond their qualifications and demanded a say in aspects of our lives that they had no understanding of - they became part of the toxic mix of politics and religion.
I hope, for the sake of all my Catholic friends and family, that it is not too late to sort this out without too much more damage to those people, but it's going to take an enormous effort on your part.
I've recently been involved in an argument where I discovered that one of your Popes nrecently compared homosexuality with "the destruction of the rainforests" - a wilfully vicious statement about a natural condition existence for a large minority of human beings.
In two issues current in Ireland at present, single-sex marriage and pregnancy termination, the church has issued threats of excommunication to those who supported them
It really doesn't auger well for the future - it is time to clean out your own augean stable and stop presenting yourselves as victims
Jim Carroll