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Posted By: Jim Carroll
13-Sep-17 - 06:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: brexit matters
Subject: RE: BS: brexit matters
"In the months before the Big Bang, the average number of trades in London-listed shares was 20,000, amounting to around £700m in value.
This year, the average has been more than 45-times as many: 976,000 with an average of £5bn worth of equities changing hands every day.
The changes introduced during the Thatcher years are ongoing."
This is th truest word anybody has written
Unfortunately they fail to mention that all these advances have been made at the expense of working people (many of whom are not working).
Thatcher divided Britain sharply into haves and have-nots, cutting adrift whole swathes of Britain to live in poverty - two of her greatest cons were turning homes into "investments" and respectabalising greed.
Sure - investments have risen and the haves now have far more -go look at the gap and tell me that is not the case.
We have no industry and workers are treated as expendable - forced to take anything on offer or starve and in doing so destroying any stake that had in the country
Working people are now treated worse that the slaves in the southern states who may have been ill treated beaten and abused on a daily basis but at least they were recognised as valuable financial assets by their masters - now it's "there's plenty more where that came from - wherever they come from" that prevails.
The largest percentage export in Britain today is money, which benefits only those in finance
If a firm avoids paying billions in tax ther are regarded as 'successful' - if a worker fiddles a few quid out of his or her tax they are criminals.
You want to see a lifelike depiction of life in Britain today, go see 'I Daniel Blake' - if you don't go away angry, you are not human.
I really don't understand what king of people can accept what is happening today without comment
There y'ar lads - another "rant" for you
Jim Carrol