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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Sep-17 - 11:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: brexit matters
Subject: RE: BS: brexit matters
There is no "EU dictatorship." All the countries of the EU are democracies that must operate under the rule of law. This country has agreed to over 95% of thousands of EU laws and directives, disputing very few, and has played a major part in drawing them up. For an unwieldy organisation consisting of 28 countries containing half a billion people, the degree of harmony is amazing. There is no little man in a Brussels bunker telling us how long our courgettes should be. And I'm a very simple man, as you all know. So let me repeat. The person who pays the wages is the employer. Subject only to the law of the land, the employer is the man who decides what wages to pay. Yes the government of the country can have policies that make it harder for him to pay higher wages or employ more people. But this government has made it easy for employers to shirk responsibilities such as paying sick pay, maternity pay, holiday pay and national insurance. This government has made it easier to employ people then tell them there's no work today, tough luck, try again tomorrow and you won't be paid. This government has made it easier for employers to offload workers without reason and with little notice, without fear of redress. This government has emasculated trade unions, making it next to impossible for them to step in to protect workers who are under any kind of threat. It's called "the flexible labour market" and its aims are to keep employees firmly in their places by maximising job insecurity, to keep wages low and to persuade us that there have never been more jobs in the history of the nation. What they fail to explain is why growth in this country is the weakest in the G7 and EU and why productivity has been bumping along the bottom for years. Funny, that. Not one person goes to work wanting less money. Blaming immigration for "driving down wages" is unfair, bonkers, xenophobic and often downright racist.