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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
13-Sep-17 - 12:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
I signed up to BT mobile on a sim only contract a year ago to test it out.
A promo offer of 20 gig & unlimited 'free' calls and texts for 15 quid a month.
I've been mostly satisfied with the service...

By sheer coincidence it's up for renewal this week,
and I'll stick with it, as I've been assured I'll stay on the promo terms.

But the offer of cheaper family package of 2 sims for me and the mrs would actually work out more expensive because I'd lose the promo package
and revert to the normal more expensive one.

They tried to tempt me with 30 gig for a fiver more, and the wife then signs up for her own individual package...

I think her mobile contract with T mobile has just renewed, or may renew shortly, and may not be as good as any BT has put forward to us...???

we'll see.....