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Posted By: Jon Freeman
13-Sep-17 - 03:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
Subject: RE: BS: Talk Talk contract ending.
Rather OT

But I sort of believe the line sharing device was an improvement on the old "party line". Does anyone else remember those? We were on on of those first time round in N Wales. Pick the phone up and sometimes you could hear a neighbour chatting away.

Staying with that area. I have tried the postcode for our once address there and find it has fibre. It puzzles me a bit. I don't know which way things run and in the old days when it had 5 digit numbers (they added a 5 to all of them later, eg. 81385 became 581385) some were Deganwy and others Llandudno (and am the only one who used to answer the phone giving the exchange and number but however I look at things, it would be up a steep hill.

I don't think we'd opt for the fast speeds anyway and maybe we are just around 3 or 4 houses before you get closer to the main village but I find it difficult to imagine Cromer to Rougton harder to to than Llandudno/Deganwy, etc. to Pydew.