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Posted By: Steve Shaw
14-Sep-17 - 05:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: brexit matters
Subject: RE: BS: brexit matters
If you wish to discuss the immigrants who work here permanently for UK employers, Bill Woodcock, you are not talking about those seasonal workers who work for yer Lincolnshire farmers. They are not immigrants. You conflated them with real immigrants. Not only that, they are not the people "driving wages down." Those seasonal workers have no control over what they get paid. It's those gangmasters and the employers here who collude with them who drive wages down, and it's illegal if the pay is less than the minimum wage. Any worker, seasonal or not, migrant or not, who works in this country must by law be paid the minimum wage at least. The only allowable deductions from their wages that can reduce them to below the minimum wage are for supplied accommodation and there are limits on what can be deducted for that. If there are employers or gangmasters or whoever who cause workers to receive less, they are BREAKING THE LAW. This whole discussion about migrant workers is bogus unless we home in on the real culprits. Why don't we ask why the law isn't being enforced? It is within the government's gift to do so.