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Posted By: Steve Shaw
14-Sep-17 - 06:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: Who wears short shorts!!
Subject: RE: BS: Who wears short shorts!!
I wear shorts all the time, except when I go outside in December, January and February, and even then only if it's near-freezing, which it rarely is in Cornwall. I never wear long trousers indoors as Mrs Steve and I are totally incompatible when it comes to indoor temperatures. My mum says I've got the best legs on a 66-year-old man she's ever seen, and she is of course a neutral observer. If you've got it, flaunt it, say I!

As such I don't agree with any hint of discrimination against anyone who wants to wear shorts. Legs on a person who looks after himself or herself are aesthetically pleasing, and shorts are comfortable, lightweight and non-restricting. I see no harm in displaying your beautiful legs right to the very top, though showing actual bare buttock is probably not the best idea, but I still I think it's a personal choice. The last young lady I saw doing that, attractive as she was, was clearly not comforable with herself as she was tugging them more over her bum about once every ten seconds. I get told off when I'm lounging around indoors for occasionally inadvertently exposing white inner thigh on my otherwise nicely tanned legs. I could wear longer shorts I suppose, but instead I'm revising my suntanning habits in order to eliminate the issue.

It's a crowded, anonymous world and I think we should celebrate people's desire for self-expression. We should be allowed to wear whatever we like without disapproving eyebrows being raised as long as we are not actually breaking the law of wherever we happen to be. I have always vehemently opposed school uniform and got into trouble at work for not enforcing it sufficiently. Naughty naughty! No-one has the right to tell a girl how long her skirt should be or tell her that she's inviting sexual aggression from men. My mum thinks that people with tattoos should be thrown in jail. Naturally, I don't agree. I have no tattoos, never wear jewellery of any kind and have no holes pierced into my body and I never, ever wear smelly men's sprays, use deodorant or even scented soap. But I shall be going round to my mates' house tonight for a few noggins, nicely showered, wearing beard, sandals, shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. They wouldn't expect any different.