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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
14-Sep-17 - 10:13 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness -2017- Clearing Out the House

OH my! And 51 boxes of books! bit by bit, I hope! I expect R to arrive next week with a bunch of his for the library. I expect the library will fill up truck load by truck load! I will NOT be a party to it. Looking around, I see enough of his books, on shelves in the house, that can go to the library and make space for those of mine still down at the mill.

I hesitate to post, on FB, pics of what we are doing, lest it be noticed by the local municipality. I do not think we have done anything illegal but one never knows. Need to take some up to date pics in any case. Maybe tomorrow before the rains begin again.

Yesterday I managed to varathane part of the back sheds and started spray painting the ugly doors with rainbow colours. The odour forced me to stop and I could not even sit on the swing (too close). Today I was tired and it was too hot to sit on the swing, also too hot for most of what I want to get done outside - and most of what I want to get done is outside! The screen house was cooler as it is totally shaded at present but the wood still smells strongly so I gave up after taking more pots in. Life is fraught with hazard! Sorted through a bag of winter clothes and found spaces for them, while putting some summer clothes in storage bin.

I see enough scrap lumber to make a 3 sections of board walk for the spring water between house and sheds and gazebo. The sections can be stacked out of the way when not needed. I can put them together myself - on a not too hot, non-rainy day! Thurs next is my cataract op so I feel a pressure to do what I can before the dreaded 3 weeks of no bending over and no lifting more than 10 pounds. Seems as though there is almost nothing that does not require bending over!

Flawless weather all week and a few more days! I am trying to use it wisely but the energy level is low. I managed to bleach some white cloths in the sun; worked great so I took them down today and removed the clothes umbrella from my line of sight.

I hoped to get a 3/4 mattress in Madoc - an hour away - but it was sold. Thinking I would be going to Madoc, I phoned a potter friend there and found his wife was picking up supplies so I arranged for her to pick up a few things for me! But now I need to drive down to pick them up. Maybe tomorrow. I did suggest to the nice woman, who had sold the mattress, that she visit the potters who are close walking distance from her home. She will tell them I sent her.

Two 3/4 mattresses near Ottawa on Kijiji so I am hoping at least one will be available when R drives up from Montreal in the truck. Twin bed is too small for two! I did browbeat him into taking time to get a futon for the house in M so we have a guest space. YAY! Love crossing things off the list! Our friend Paul is not arriving until Dec, if at all, but I did not tell R that; I just insisted that this needed to happen and I had finally found one that looked decent - for $60! A large quilt taking up space here will go to Montreal.