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Posted By: GUEST,Paul
19-Sep-17 - 03:19 PM
Thread Name: Irish Bouzouki Strings
Subject: RE: Irish Bouzouki Strings
I have been looking for a string st for my Ozark 2222 bouzouki which has a scale length of 26".
The strings n th purchased instrument were 08/08, 13/13, 21/?, 28/?
I took off the high octave strings and replaced with some old guitar strings approximately 21 and 28, as I wanted a unison set, which I tune in ADad or GDad.
I then decided to get a new st for the instrument, the standard light weight sets seem to be 11/40. I ordered a set and started to restring the instrument, but quickly realised that the tension was too great, the finger board was bowing and I was in danger of destroying the instrument. I removed these strings quickly. I then bought as single strings 09/09, 14/14, 22/22, 30/30 (ernie ball). These have gone on OK but I did have to tighten the truss rod to get the action back down, would certainly not go heavier than this.
The question is all the commercially available string are much much heavier than the original Ozark set, so what am I missing? I cant find any reference to the sort of light eight set supplied with the instrument or anything close.