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Posted By: akenaton
22-Sep-17 - 10:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Free speech- as long as you're Liberal.
Subject: RE: BS: Free speech- as long as you're Liberal.
I wouldn't say "liberals" are in a minority in the UK, I don't suppose we are talking about members or supporters of the Liberal Party here.

It appears that the media have brainwashed a huge majority of the population, though many of them are politically ignorant as well as socially ignorant and do not even bother to vote.
I think you are correct Bruce there is a Fascist element at work within so called liberalism......."no way but our way.

This forum is a typical and very good example of double standards regarding freedom of speech.
Truth does not come into the equation, if a statement is deemed offensive it will not be allowed, but what is offensive to one person is not always offensive to another. These people like to "protect the rights of minorities", but only if the minority is one of which they approve.