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Posted By: akenaton
23-Sep-17 - 03:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Free speech- as long as you're Liberal.
Subject: RE: BS: Free speech- as long as you're Liberal.
Joe, since you have fluttered bye, this from Jim.... 22Sept...11:14.

""For example, Jim has been raving on about the sins of the Catholic Church for years,"
I wonder if that particular pearl of spiritual wisdom has much to do with Liberalism - particularly as it is in defence of the rape of thousands of children in the care of religious institutions
Little wonder you've settle for supporting Trump
You've been very quiet about Hilary's WARMONGERING of late Ake
Jim Carroll "

This is not an example of free speech, it is a damned lie insinuating that I support or defend the molestation of children.....the other two points made seem to have no connection to the thread...why has this been allowed to stand? Why has it not been binned along with the host of posts and thread which have disappeared lately.
Jim does this on a regular and on going basis.

Free speech does not include the right to libel others, I have stated on several occasions that the blame for these hideous crimes fall on the perpetrators, not on the institution per se.......unfortunately it is more convenient for "liberals" to blame the offices of the Church rather than instigate a debate which may conclude the blame lies largely within a "protected" sexual minority.