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Posted By: Jim Carroll
23-Sep-17 - 03:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: Free speech- as long as you're Liberal.
Subject: RE: BS: Free speech- as long as you're Liberal.
This is a joke - right?
A President who, despite being exposed as someone who advocates sexually assaulting women by grabbing their sexual parts, is elected on a minority vote and immediately sets about racially attacking 'non-Americans as thieves (in a country made up entirely of immigrants, for crying out loud), building a wall to keep them out, taking measures designed to melt icecaps, threatening nuclear war, using his own political system as an episode of "your fired" Dragons Den, and pissing on the American constitution - is being treated UNFAIRLY
What are you people on?
I have little time for the American political system, but when I see the garbage thrown at one of the best presidents America has had in my lifetime which has fallen little short of "uppity n.....r", (and that's not too far away now Trump has managed to put the Klan back on American streets) I begin to wonder if it's time to start building a nuclear shelter in the back garden.   
Bruce has dredged through the bumwipe American press going back as far as 2009, to dig up smear to defend this homicidal moron and we are supposed to take it serious!!
Now we have our own little bunch of cross burning hoodies on this side of the pond cheerleading for him - led by a hate filled homophobe who has managed to redefine the word "liberal" to mean "fascist", has attempted tp re-respectablise forcing strangers to wear yellow stars, and has described demonstrations against Trump by people who number among the majority of those who didn't vote for him, as 'seditious' and suggest they threaten American Democracy (if such a thing exists)
One of the great things American society has produced for me as a film buff, is a wonderful portfolio of films like 'Grapes of Wrath', Inherit The Wind, Blue Collar, Dr Strangelove, All the President's Men, All the King's Men, The China Syndrome, Missing, Selma, Mississippi Burning..... (haven't seen Memphis yet).
I have little doubt that, should we all survive Trump, I have lots of goodies in store - though I don't know who they are going to get to playthe lead - maybe the feller who played 'Godzilla' is 'resting' at present - )yes lads - I do know that was a graphic before you start reaching for your 'typo' gambit)
Jim CarrollA