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Posted By: akenaton
25-Sep-17 - 11:33 AM
Thread Name: BS: Free speech- as long as you're Liberal.
Subject: RE: BS: Free speech- as long as you're Liberal.
I do not see Ann Coulter as a "purveyor of hate" she is an extremely popular writer who has had many best sellers, she has an excellent sense of irony and knows how to use it to make hard hitting points.

She certainly does not deserve to be deprived of freedom of speech by threats of violence from the left.

All the hatred I see here and on social media has been directed towards Miss Coulter, somebody once told me that Americans do not understand that really the case?
I find it hard to believe that the obviously well educated people from the US who frequent this forum are truly unaware of the power of irony in debate or indeed in literature in general.

I think the truth is that clever, humorous people on the right of politics make "liberals" uncomfortable and frightened, as if their myths are about to be exposed. I think most of you are aware that they are myths?

Try thinking about things from another perspective, we have no idea how the future will pan out, but one certainty is that eternal division leads to eternal damnation.