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Posted By: Severn
02-Oct-17 - 02:59 PM
Thread Name: Urban Ballads
Subject: RE: Urban Ballads

Some thiings I never figured out about Molly Malone.....

When her ghost wheels her barrow, do we still see the barrow, which is not a living thing, going down the road seemingly on its own or do we just hear her cries?

Are the cockles and mussels in the barrow still, indeed, ALIVE, and if so, where does she get fresh replacements?

If they are still alive, for how long? If they are dead, do people know that her ghost is approaching by the dead shellfish smell rather than her singing or the creaking of the barrow wheel? Do the living still pay her and where does she put the coins?

Do dead shellfish go to some sort of afterlife, which might get rid of the smell?

If the cockles and mussels are dead, stinking or not, do other ghosts buy and consume them?

If the bivalve mollusks are really dead, why does she lie to us?

Like Sysyphus, does her barrow ever get back to the top of the hill?

'Splain it to me, Kingfish......