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Posted By: pict
01-Feb-01 - 10:53 PM
Thread Name: Help: What is a Chord?
Subject: RE: Help: What is a Chord?
I think if you want to be the kind of musician who wants to maximise their creative potential and be able to fluently play on their instrument what they hear in their head it is wise to make use of the accumulated musical knowledge of centuries after all many great masters have contributed to that store of knowledge.Having a good knowledge of theory is invaluable when it comes to any serious attempt at composition and orchestration/arranging there comes a point when you know what you need to know and that knowledge opens doors to musical dimensions you might otherwise never have had access to.

I think the best way to come to theory is after playing a few years having learned by ear.I'm amazed at how incapable some classically trained musicians are of improvisation.I don't think becoming a notation slave is very good for a players musicianship but then again complete ignorance of what is actually happening on your fingerboard,keyboard etc isn't the best thing either.