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Posted By: Metchosin
01-Feb-01 - 11:49 PM
Thread Name: What do you pay for electricity?
Subject: RE: What do you pay for electricity?
From the land of hydroelectric dams, here in B.C., we have some of the lower rates for hydroelectric power in North America. The rate for the southern coast is 6.2 cents per kw.h but varies throughout the province. On the Island here, we pay 5.77 cents per kw.h. plus a basic charge of $6.92 every two months. On top of that there is the fedral Goods and Services Tax of 7%.

This has been a very mild winter, particularly on the coast, so the bill is really low, approximately $260 per month, for the past 2 months, which is the equivalent of $174 US. Double that for cold winters. Bear in mind this may look good to some US citizens, but remember we are also paid in Canadian dollars, still it doesn't suck. This includes heat and light and that, for a small house which has a large hole in the roof. (a piece of single pane fibreglass 2'x 24' that goes up and over the ridge of the roof, which was supposed to be temporary, but has now stood the test of time for 24 years and is finally being replaced with low E thermopane skylights this spring).

Unlike a lot of US regions our Hydro is a public utility and the dams and infrastructure were financed with the tax payer's dollar. Because of this, citizens historically are intended to get a break on their rates.