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02-Feb-01 - 01:45 AM
Thread Name: What do you pay for electricity?
Subject: RE: What do you pay for electricity?
Just figured my bill out. I'm a little over $.05 per KWh. Pacific Northwest hydroelectric helps. My gas is about $.70 per therm which is most of my bill.Last month's was $103.00 total.Now mind you the average daily temp for that time was 25°F. I used 18 KWh and 3 therms per day.

The big controversy up here was Kaiser Aluminum. They bought power at $22.50 a MEGAwatt and then sold it back to Bonneville Power Administration at $500 a Megawatt. They did it by shutting down their plants and laying everyone off. So they didn't use the electricity allotted to them. They were able to make so much money doing this they are paying the laid-off steelworkers their full wages while they are laid-off.

This all happened after an extremely contentious 2 year strike which was finally resolved by Federal mediators and court orders,