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Posted By: roopoo
02-Feb-01 - 02:41 AM
Thread Name: What do you pay for electricity?
Subject: RE: What do you pay for electricity?
The only bill I could lay my hands on is one from last August, but I was paying 6.03 pence per unit. I can't find a gas bill. As I pay by monthly debit, I ted to look at the bottom line and then chuck it unless it mentions any rebate (this one did).

At present my annual electricity bill is around £444. Only this week I have changed to another billing company for both that and gas. I live in Yorkshire, and apparently there are regional rates for both electricity and gas that Yorkshire Electricity and British Gas don't apply (according to this guy from Powergen (who knocked on my door), and from whom YE buy their power). According to him I was paying the same as someone in London. However true it all may be, they still promise a saving of around 13%. So I've decided to abandon my "better the devil you know" attitude and go for it to see what happens. My gas bill (heating and water) is around £600 per annum, so 13% off that will be nice.

Anyway, he turned out to come from where we used to live before here, and he knew my old road. Plus he admired my salt dough - so much so that he wanted to see it under construction (he caught me mid-model and all crusty with dough). He says he is going to tell his wife and come to my next fair, which is for 8 days in York (Jorvik Viking Festival, folks) in a fortnight's time. They both apparently like visiting craft fairs.

I mean, what could I do...?