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07-Oct-17 - 01:23 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Shenandoah (Fisherman's Friends)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Shanandoah fishermans friends version
Some of the mentions:

Clark 1867 - "Rolling River" (title only, no mention of "S")

Riverside Mag. 1868 -
O, Shannydore*, I long to hear you!               
Away, you rollin' river!                                                               
O, Shannydore, I long to hear you!
Ah ha! I'm bound away, on the wild Atlantic!

later verse:
Then seven year I courted Sally:
An' seven more I could not get her….
(*footnote: "Shenandoah")

Once a Week 1968 - "Oceanida" (title only)

MacGahan 1876 -
Oh, Shanadoa, I longs to hear you
Ha! ha! the rolling water
Oh, Shanadoa, I longs to hear you
Ho! ho! the cold, pale water

For seven long years I woo'd your daughter
For seven long years I woo'd your daughter.

Adams 1876 and 1879 -
Shannadore's a rolling river,
      Hurrah, you rolling river.
Oh, Shannadore's a rolling river.
      Ah hah, I'm bound away o'er the wild Missouri.

Shanadore's a packet sailor,
Shanadore's a bright mulatto,
Shanadore I long to hear you.

Scudder 1879 - [I have a suspicion this is related to the Riverside 1868 source]
“Away, you rollin' river,”…
‘Aha! I'm bound A W A Y
    Across the broad Atlantic!’”

Keaton 1879 - "Ye rolling rivers" (title only)

Alden 1882 -
You Shanandore, I long to hear you.
Hurrah, you rollin' river!
You Shanandore, I long to hear you.
Ah, ha, you Shanandore.

For seven long years I courted Sally.
Hurrah, you rollin' river!
I courted Sally down in yon valley.
Ah, ha! I'm bound away on the wild Missouri.

Dixon 1883 -
The pawls of the windlass rattled merrily to “Shanandore, I love your daughter,” led by our “shanty-man,” the crew coming in on the chorus of “Hurrah, you rollin' river!”

to be continued...