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Thread Name: Lyr Req: Shenandoah (Fisherman's Friends)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Shanandoah fishermans friends version

Sharp 1914 (John Short) -
O Shanadar I love your daughter,
Hooray you rolling river.
Shanadar I love your daughter
Ha Ha, I’m bound away to the wild Missouri.

O seven years I courted Sally.

And seven more I couldn’t gain her.

She said I was a tarry sailor.

Farewell my dear I’m bound to leave you;
I’m bound away but will ne’er deceive you.

Sharp 1914 (James Thomas) -
Shanadar is a rolling river, E-o, I-o, E-o, I-o.

The Recollections of a West Indiaman, 1914-
"Shenandoah, I Love your Daughter"

Robinson 1917-
Shenandoah! I long to hear you—
Hurrah! you rolling river.
Oh, Shenandoah! I long to hear you—
And hurrah! we’re bound away!
On the wide Missouri!
Seven long years since I lost Dinah;
I've searched seven years. I cannot find her.

also, to Rolling River type tune:
Sally Brown's a bright Mulatto,
Way, yah!
Oh Sally Brown's a bright Mulatto--
Oh walk along, you Sally Brown.

Paine 1919-
Shenandoah, I'll ne'er forget you,
Away, ye rolling river,
Till the day I die I'll love you ever,
Ah, ha, we're bound away.

Terry 1920 (1921)-
Oh, Shenandore, I long to hear you
Away you rolling river;
Oh, Shenandore, I long to hear you,
Away I'm bound to go 'cross the wide Missouri.

Eckstorm 1927-
Heave her up from down below, boys!
Hooray, you rolling river!
Heave her up and let her go, boys!
Aha! Bound away o’er the wild Missouri.

Shenandore, I long to see you! X2

Shenandore! I love your daughter,
I love the roar of your rushing waters,

Carpenter recordings, late 1920s-
Oh Shenandoah, I'm going to leave you

Oh Shenandoah, I love your daughter

Shanadore, I long to hear you

Oh Shanadore, I love your daughter

Mackenzie 1928-
O if I had a dog I would call him Hunter,
Hooray, my rolling river!
O if I had a dog I would call him Hunter.
I’m bound away on the wild Missouri!

Doerflinger 1951-
Shanadore, I love your daughter,
Hooway, you rolling river,
Oh, Shanadore, I love your daughter,
Hyah, bound away, To the wild Missouri!

For seven long years I’ve courted your daughter.
Oh, Shanadore, I want to marry.

Fowke 1981-
Shenadore, I love your daughter;
Away you rolling River;
We’re bound for the green fields and the mossy river;
Ah, ha, ha, I’m bound away acrocc the wide Missouri.