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Posted By: Clinton Hammond
02-Feb-01 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: I'm not anti Irish.. honest
Subject: RE: I'm not anti Irish.. honest
I was busking one day and was approached by a lovely old lady... she stood and listened to a few songs, mostly Canadian folk from the past 5 years or so... She stepped up to the case and while she was tossing in a few small bills asked me to play something Irish... Now I was gearing up to play Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore anyway, so I launched into it... She stood, listened, and applauded at the end... and was still there 2 or three songs later... She then asked me when I was gonna get to her request... I said that Paddy's Green had been for her, but I'd be happy to do more along that bent if she'd like... She said what she'd like is a REAL Irish song, not "that plastic paddy American crap" as she put it... I kinda chuckled and told her that she'd be more than welcome to suggest titles if she wanted... She started with "Whiskey In The Jar"...

But what the hell, I already had her money...