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Posted By: Teribus
20-Oct-17 - 02:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: Catalonia: pros and cons of separation
Subject: RE: BS: Catalonia: pros and cons of separation
" Neither the EU nor Spain would not want an eased path for Catalonia to give others ideas. Third, the whole concept of the EU is predicated on closer harmonisation, countries splitting apart being completely at odds with that." - Shaw

Totally wrong Shaw - the EU wants to do away with the "nation states" of Europe as part of it's "closer harmonisation" it does not want to have to deal with national governments and their agendas. The EU wants an organisation of smaller regional blocks that are damned sight easier to bully, coerce and control. That chap all you Labour Party supporters voted for (Three times) Tony Blair tried his damnedest to set the wheel rolling in the UK with devolution for Wales and Scotland which was supposed to have been followed up by "regional parliaments" in England - Thankfully that bit of it did not happen (In England they were far too sensible to be allow themselves to be saddled with an additional layer of government that they woud have to pay for in return for no tangible benefit to anyone except the "professional politicians" who would stick their snouts in the newly erected troughs).

Don't quite remember you coming out with any of this during discussions on the Scottish Independence referendum Shaw. Everything you said about Catalonia applied equally well to Scotland. Only thing with the SNP is that on the back of the EU referendum result they want a second independence referendum because they say they want to stay in the EU - totally ignoring the fact that Scotland per se has never been a member state of the EU - Fact is if Scotland, or Catalonia, votes for independence they are OUT of the EU. In both cases, the EU HAS TO stand apart as the matter relates to the domestic, internal affairs of the "nation state" and at present it is those "nation states" that pay into the coffers of the EU to keep the EU Commission's gravy train on the road - so guess who the EU are not going to upset at present? Especially as their second largest contributor is headed for the exit. Do you see the connection between what is occurring in Spain, in the EU and with Brexit now Shaw?