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Posted By: Iains
23-Oct-17 - 11:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Robert Mugabe made 'goodwill ambassador'.
Subject: RE: BS: Robert Mugabe made 'goodwill ambassador'.
The poor lad is getting a persecution complex. Must be a spillover from all those accusations of insecurity he accuses others of. Maybe his ongoing struggle between recognising fact from fiction is catching up with him. How sad!

I suggest it is time to seriously consider the effectiveness of these various spinoff organisations from the UN. There have been a number of ridiculous decisions made in recent times such as the election of Saudi to the UN Human Rights Council. Not only is the country infested with religious thought police, but they are funding terrorism and destroying the Yemen.
This behaviour must inspire huge confidence in other areas of the UN;s operations. Such as the continual accusations of child abuse by certain UN peacekeeping forces.
Been known about for years but as yet no one has cleaned up the viper's nest