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Posted By: Steve Shaw
24-Oct-17 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: All welcome on this thread
Subject: RE: BS: All welcome on this thread
There's Paris Street bus station in Exeter and the London Inn just up the road in Kilkhampton.

I once went into the gents at aforementioned bus station for a wee. A man in one of the cubicles inadvertently let out a very loud, ripe, wet fart, and immediately started to hum a tune very loudly, the first note of which was represented by the fart, which he managed to get the rest of the melody fully in tune with. Knowing that he would eventually emerge from the cubicle and have to confront witnesses to his raucous air-biscuit launch, his clear aim was to make us think that he hadn't farted at all. Had the floor in the bogs not been so disgusting, I'd have rolled on it laughing me 'arris off. Incidentally, why ARE gents' toilet floors always wet like that? Yeuurgh...