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11-Nov-17 - 09:02 PM
Thread Name: Help: Origin of Villikins&Dinah tune
Subject: RE: Help: Origin of Villikins&Dinah tune
This won't cast any light whatsoever on the origins of the tune, but the tune is also used for "The Thrashing Machine", which is pretty ubiquitous in England:

'Twere in the West Country as I?ve heard it tell,
There lived a young maid, and her name it were Nell.
Now her was so handsome an? just seventeen,
And her longed for a ride on me thrashing machine.

I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er, I ay;
I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er, I ay;
I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er, I 'ad 'er, I ay;
An' I ups an' I shows 'er the West Country way.

'Twere one summer's morning in the merry month of May,
When most of the farmers were out making hay,
I cocks up my ear'ole and I hears a girl scream,
I says, Ah, there goes sweet Nell on me thrashing machine.

'Twere one summer's evening in the merry month of June,
When mwost of the farmers were espyin' the moon,
I says, Come to the baarn dear, where us can't be seen,
And I'll show 'ee the works of me thrashing machine.

We went to the baarn and I took her inside
And said, "If you're good I might give 'ee a ride"
It stood there all sparkling and shiny and clean
She said "Now that's what I call a thrashing machine"

Well, the flywheels and pistons were a'going around,
When out the steam whistle come a 'orrible sound.
I puts down my hand for to cut off the steam,
But the gaff had been blown from me thrashing machine.

Now six months have passed and all is not well
There's something the matter with our little Nell
For under her apron can plainly be seen
The works of my naughty old thrashing machine

'Twere nine short months later a babby she bore,
The pride of his mother he were to be sure,
And under his nappy could plainly be seen,
A brand new two cylinder thrashing machine!