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Posted By: Raedwulf
13-Nov-17 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Henry VIII - The Mind of a Tyrant
Subject: RE: BS: Henry VIII - The Mind of a Tyrant
No, Stu, he didn't. The football ban (which wasn't specific to Sundays, although that was definitely an archery practice day) was, I think, Eddie III. Despite the Mary Rose haul, the longbow was fading from the battlefield by Hal's time. And another damn good reason for banning football at the time was the violence & disorder that went with it. Plus ca change! ;-)

Having canvassed a few re-enactor friends (I am one as well, if somewhat lapsed these days), we are all of the same mind. To wit, the split from Rome may have had a political & dynastic basis, but we all think there was no doctrinal change & Hal remained catterlick, if not Roman of that ilk...