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15-Nov-17 - 01:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Henry VIII - The Mind of a Tyrant
Subject: RE: BS: Henry VIII - The Mind of a Tyrant
EBarnacle wrote: Until the period of tolerance, the king's religion was the state religion and all of the European kings were Catholic.
That is true if you only include rulers called 'kings' but east of France there were few Kingdoms (Bohemia, Hungary, and Croatia in the 16th Century). The Emperor was, actually, elected - though by this date the Habsburgs had fixed things so that only they were rich enough to be emperor. And some of the electors, who were mostly called princes, were protestant though the emperor-of-the-day, Charles V (and all subsequent emperors) were Catholic.

The arguments between the Catholic and 'protestant' princes I described in my earlier post were resolved (ish) by the Peace Of Augsburg (1555 - during Mary's reign in England). This was presided over by Charles V's younger brother Ferdinand (he'd also been in charge at the two diets in Speyer and became emperor after Charles V's abdicated.)

Essentially the Peace_Of_Augsburg said the the religion of the ruler would become the religion of it's people. So six (?) German principalities became Lutheran. It was a landmark settlement, which allowed the empire to avoid much of the religious bloodshed that took place in France and England.

This is from that wiki page
Some historians maintain Ferdinand had also been touched by the reformed philosophies, and was probably the closest the Holy Roman Empire ever came to a Protestant emperor; he remained nominally a Catholic throughout his life, although reportedly he refused last rites on his deathbed. Other historians maintain he was as Catholic as his brother, but tended to see religion as outside the political sphere
Apologies for the digression from England and Henry.