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Posted By: robomatic
20-Nov-17 - 12:26 PM
Thread Name: 2003 Obit: 7 Space Shuttle Columbia Astronauts
Subject: RE: 2003 Obit: 7 Space Shuttle Columbia Astronauts
What is to be gained by a GUEST going into a fourteen year old thread and ressurecting it with some triviality? Is this some form of counting coup that I'm unfamiliar with? Seems to result in screwing with the time-line of our threads hence the forum in general.

Is this just to sow confustion? Should threads go into archive at some age?

Thread minders help me out here

The earliest threads don't reflect the status of music vs BS - so guests sometimes are able to participate in default BS just because of the age of threads that can be revived in the music section. This particular guest is a regular with a moniker, but it was a strange thread revival. And a really strange link.