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03-Feb-01 - 05:58 AM
Thread Name: What's a Strad, Amati etc fiddle?
Subject: RE: What's a Strad, Amati etc fiddle?
My wife once worked in a violin shop where people would come in with "Stradivari" in a plain paper bag, thinking they had found a treasure in their attic. They would have to tell the person that it is only an imitation.

The different makers made violins that sounded different. The Amati is earlier than the Strad and it has a more delicate, sweeter sound. This is due to its smaller size and its somewhat vaulted belly (top). Stradavarius made a larger body with a less arched belly which resulted in a louder (but harsher) sound. Guarnerius Del Jesu went even further and made a bigger body with a flatter belly and a correspondingly louder violin. Any of these three, plus many others built in the 17 hundreds, whether they have a soft or loud tone carry amazingly well to the back of a big room.

The Stainer has the distinction of not being made by an Italian, but by a German. There is another one called a "Klotz". I remember a friend of ours said she had a Klotz. "Yes," I said, "but what kind of violin is it?". It sounded good in her hands anyway.