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Posted By: Mr Red
30-Nov-17 - 03:39 AM
Thread Name: We must stop correcting grammar
Subject: RE: We must stop correcting grammar
"under the circumstances" suggests oppression, where the circumstances are preventing you from doing what you would have preferred to do. - "outwith" might service (in the lowlands of Scotland!).

as long as the receiver understands the nuance!
In verbal/song communication? Very unlikely. In text or e-mail? Unlikely. On paper - maybe, but who reads a newspaper twice? In a book - or a poem - ya got me there, re-reading especially for performance - sure. Subtlety is the name of the game.

The truth is that language morphs, and the words that morph slowly (if at all) are the ones used most of all. The peripheral words are considered fair game to a generation that want to to be associated with their peers. Those of us who were that generation long ago have to be dragged screaming, into this century, to be able to communicate with the young.

Then there is context. eg wicked or is it wkd ? And the vigilantes who misread paediatrician for paedophile. And could they spell it? In Brittain?

It's a jungle out there.