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Posted By: GUEST,Hootenanny
01-Dec-17 - 03:41 PM
Thread Name: Radio Ballad Format - who created it?
Subject: RE: Radio Ballad Format - who created it?
Jim, are you sure about Wilfred Pickles getting the push because of his accent? The cockneys that I grew up with had no problem understanding him.

I am bloody sure that his programme was among the most popular at the time. I don't know who was giving him stick. I remember it being on every week and having a large following with it's catch phrase "give him/her the money Barney". And then there was the lady pianist Violet Carson? I personally thought it was bloody awful. Every quiz contestant in the show was asked their age and if it was anything over 60 or so they were given a round of applause. Cringe making.

Also regarding "The Martin and the Coys" from 1944 did not contain actuality recordings. The cast included Will Geer, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger etc