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Posted By: reggie miles
03-Feb-01 - 02:33 PM
Thread Name: Help: Jew's Harp question!
Subject: RE: Help: Jew's Harp question!
I don't belive that most people actually mean to express something negative when they refer to this thing as a jews harp. After all it was advertised and sold as such in many publications years ago when it first arrived here in the states. I am not defending the ignorance of those who use inflamtory language to incite anger or bitterness. I am merely saying that advertising is a powerful tool and that we humans can be slow to change. Consider the handtool the saw. It has been in existence for about 10,000 years but we've only been playing music on them for about the last 150 years. Do the math and you'll find it's taken us, mankind, in our infinite wisdom, 9,850 years to figure out that this thing could do something more than just cut wood. Granted the saw has not always been in the form we see it in today. Of course part of the reason for its musical capability is due to it's evolution into it's presnt day form. We tend to be a little slow when it comes to new or different ideas and ways of thinking but with persistence perhaps some day we'll catch on to ideas like world peace and the like as we did with the lowly saw. For the record I agree that jaw harp is without a doubt a better name to describe it. It has a harp shaped frame and is played using your jaw and mouth cavity.