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10-Dec-17 - 03:38 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Glasga' Eskimos
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Glasga' Eskimos
The Glasgow Eskimos
(T. S. Law / Morris Blythman / Jim McLean)

Hullo! Hullo! We are the Eskimos
Hullo! Hullo! The Glesca Eskimos
We'll gaff that nyaff ca'd Lanin
And we'll spear him whaur he blows
For we are the Glesca Eskimos

It's up the Clyde came Lanin, a super-duper Yank
He'll gae doon a damn sight quicker when we stap him doon the stank
Up tae the neck in sludge and sewage fairly stops your swank
For we are the Glesca Eskimos

Well it's in an' oot an' up an' doon an' on an' aff the piers
There's cooncillors, collaborators, pimps and profiteers
The hairies jouk the polis, and the polis jouk the queers
We are the Glesca Eskimos

There's dredgers and there's sludgie boats tae keep the river clean
You lift your hand an pu' the chain--ye ken fine what I mean
But why has the Holy Loch been left outside the scheme?
We are the Glesca Eskimos

We've been in mony's a rammy, boys, we've been in mony's a tear
We've sortit oot this kind afore, we'll sort them onywhere
So get yuir harpoons ready, they're comin' up for air
We are the Glesca Eskimos"

Note: Captain Lanin USN was the commander of the USS Proteus, the US Navy Depot Ship moored in the Holy Loch. When it first arrived the ship's entry into the Holy Loch was delayed by CND protesters in kayaks.

Hope that helps.