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Posted By: Mr Red
13-Dec-17 - 04:09 AM
Thread Name: the teaching of dancing
Subject: RE: the teaching of dancing
If Leeneia dances Contra or Irish Set, it would serve.

The nomenclature differs. Strip the Willow, and Dip & Dive are rare to the point of absence with Contra & Irish Set.

It would take a translation list. These might be approx equivalents.

EC ~= Contra ~= Irish set

polka around ~= ? ~= House (around)
turn ~= allemende ~= high turn
basket ~= ? ~= Christmas
Star ~= Star ~= wheel
Ladies Chain ~= Ladies Chain ~= Chain
Grand Chain ~= Grand Chain ~= Grand Chain
Back to Back ~= Dosi Doh ~= Back to Back
Left & Right Through ~= multiple descriptions ~= Square
Kerry Square ~= ? ~= Body
Swing ~= Swing ~= Swing

Plus a few Faux amis

an EC circle is nearly always circle left/right, in Irish is is almost never left or right, usually in and out. Contra has a (Grand) Square the Set which Irish has adopted but is so new its name escapes them. Not seen it in EC and suicide to do it in Barn Dances.

For EC I would point to Webfeet for written instructions, mainly because Mr Webfeet is an excellent dancer, a highly experienced IT man and thinks his website through from the dancers and callers perspective and lists a fair number of dances. His web-bot garners events from all over the UK, he lives in Austria! The website is a sort of substitute because he only gets back to the UK about twice a year.

Another tip is demonstration sets. If you have a set that you think know the dance, use them to show the moves as well as a walk through.

NOW (being impishly contentious)

Is the plural of walk through:
walks through or
walk throughs

Given the nature of the American (English) spellchecker in FireFox - the second one has a red line through throughs!