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Posted By: leeneia
15-Dec-17 - 03:54 PM
Thread Name: the teaching of dancing
Subject: RE: the teaching of dancing
Don't worry, Tattie Bogle, I understood what you meant. All is copasetic.

About knowing right from left: once I started a thread that asked people if they knew instantly which was their right foot and which was their left. About twenty people responded, and only one person had that instant awareness. That person was probably the born dancer of the crowd.

Once I suggested that our callers have an experienced couple demonstrate the moves, but I was rebuffed. Told that the learners must learn by listening. (Why, I wonder.) But now I see that sometimes complicated moves by are being demonstrated. I've decided to say nothing further and see if things keep going my way.

Thanks for the encouragement, the dance names, and the suggestions.

Now I'll go on YouTube and watch Strip the Willow.