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Posted By: Mr Red
20-Dec-17 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: a moral dilemma
Subject: RE: a moral dilemma
potential things to consider:

1) Youtube will be asked to remove the video on copyright grounds. You are contractually bound not to re-submit it. A friend might get away with it.
2) How can you be sure the 50% royalties you receive are accurate?
3) total ownership and performing rights were owned by the person who made a song famous in the early days of records and UK Music Hall (Burlesque).
3) In the days of Stephen Collins Foster the method of establishing copyright was to patent. Indeed he had to remonstrate with a fellow minstrel who had got to the patent office before him and registered his song!
4) Do you want the money or the limited kudos? As Jimmy Webb says when asked about they way singers treated his song "I never complained about the cheques" (checks). But then he always got the credit.
5) do you need the money (or the ego)? A different issue IMNSHO.
6) Paul McCartney's song company bought thousands of songs at one point, which in the UK gave him a 50% share in copyrighted songs in the UK (at one stage). This then gave him access to revenue from all unattributed songs from PRS. There were some disgruntled wrongciters who voiced their annoyance that the songs were not performed, not knowing who the company was.
7) is your song in the DT? where JS probably never wanders.
8) Is there anything to stop you claiming "Copyrighted by JS, but after Me". without enlarging on the full audit trail. And he can't copyright a wink. after as in the artwork usage.

One of my songs is fully documented as co-written by three of us. But I am the one who sings it and put it on my website. So the myth is I wrote the song in the eyes of the consumer.
And curiously my co-writer (there was a Knitting expert involved) laid claim to a line that I know was a joint effort, and he was surprised when I pointed-out it had four twists of meaning. He is what a Mudcatter once described as an over-compensating introvert. I can be relaxed about it because I get the kudos when I sing it. And the writing process was a hoot!