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Posted By: G-Force
03-Jan-18 - 08:55 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Jez Lowe re couple dance Xmas Eve
Subject: Origins: Jez Lowe re couple dance Xmas Eve
I remember a song from way back that Jez wrote. Might have been written about Christmas and believe it was about a couple away from home (possibly West Indian?) who dance to old songs on their record player which makes them feel less homesick. It was a good many years ago and we don't seem to have it on vinyl or cd so it might have been on a tape, which of course we no longer have. Forgive me if I've mis-remembered some of the details but it was definitely by Jez Lowe as I complimented him about it when he was a guest at the White Horse Festival at Grove a long time ago.

Would be really grateful if anyone who can help with this search: name of the song and which album it was on.

Many thanks