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Posted By: Mo the caller
03-Jan-18 - 09:58 AM
Thread Name: the teaching of dancing
Subject: RE: the teaching of dancing
Newcastle, like Fandango was certainly a 'core' dance 30 years ago. When I started calling I was more ambitious than I am now (or maybe just more ambitious than my ability to call clearly), and I soon learnt that if I'd called a 'hard one' and then put the tape on for Fandango there would be a sigh of relief and people would form 3 couple sets and dance with very little calling needed. At our club now neither are as well known. And they are not as easy for beginners as some.
Yes Joanne, our club sounds a bit like yours re age.

I have found that some of the Contra dances with the best 'flow' are dizzy-making. All the flow is clockwise!

As well as "it's always the callers fault", my other motto is "when in doubt, cheat" and our members might set instead of turning single, or do a half turn instead of one and a half. Whatever they need. As dancers gain experience they learn how to miss bits out to get back into time with the music and be in the right place to continue.