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Posted By: DMcG
07-Jan-18 - 04:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: simple stuff we might not know
Subject: RE: BS: simple stuff we might not know
How little we notice things that don't don't directly affect us.

For example, my left handed daughter tells me that when people attach a pen to a 'sign up' sheet with a string, it is almost always too short for left handlers.

Until my wife developed an arthritic hip, I was embarrassingly ignorant of how difficult many buildings can be to enter. Even if they have a ramp for wheelchairs - which may still don't - it is often very much further to walk if ou are on foot. Getting on and off trains can be difficult, and if there is a ramp it is usually far too steep. And so on.

And I was positively ancient when I realised how different art galleries are if you are colour blind.