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Posted By: Mr Red
08-Jan-18 - 04:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: simple stuff we might not know
Subject: RE: BS: simple stuff we might not know
learned the difference between gross and net.
anyone told him about tare? And the gross in a net is 0, because it all falls through the little holes!

satellite dishes will be pointing south. Gotcha, I won't forget (in the Northern hemisphere). A friend used to say her satellite dish was pointing to Swindon. No amount of explanation would convince her about a mythical parabolic focus pointing up in the sky. Satellite was not clue enough. But she was right about Swindon, it is south of Cirencester.

hand sewing, put the leading end of the thread into the eye of the needle
I cut the thread first, so which is the leading edge? If I didn't the trailing edge isn't! Anyway I use one of those wire threaders. It is easier.

When checking tyre pressures at a service station: remove all caps first then start the pump. That way you are likely to get all tyres checked before the machine times-out. Particularly if you tow a caravan - it is a long way round and you can't always see the dial.