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Posted By: wysiwyg
10-Jan-18 - 05:02 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House

Let's see... I left PA Saturday in subzero/windchill hell, and had some road budget hiccups causing my planned overnight stop to come an hour earlier than planned, at a cushier known motel where I was forced to sleep in and take Newbie to the inside-hallways on site Mexican restaurant for further svc dog training. They remembered me and fed/watered her as well.

When I got back on the road I drove thru the Sharon Pipeline section of 80, which is totally owned by the semi's needing to change lanes fast and dangerous to "swing" the hills surrounding that areas multiple, intersecting truck routes. The wind had gone but it had left the ditches full of tipped-over and broken semi's. I was grateful for that inner voice insisting I not push thru the Pipeline to reach my planned motel!!!

Having NOT put away everything in the Ohio house to welcome myself back with a tidied magazine layout, I had zero confusion upon entry-- and feel like I never left. The first night I could have sworn Hardi was right here with me-- he must have been praying while missing me again. Newbie likewise settled right in, first night. It has usually taken me several days to adjust my mind.

So I've had a very productive few days here. Hardi loaded what I'd packed in such a way that I had only one small bag, my heavy purse, and the dog to unload upon arrival thru the frozen slush blocking the front door. I'd left a lot more food in the freezer and pantry than remembered-- dinner on hand and brekky to thaw. No need to shop thru icy roads.

The next morning (Monday), I found the snowboots here, got the garage unlocked, moved the jam-packed car into it, and brought one more bag in (meds). And slept a bunch more.

Ydy (Tuesday), was given to haircut (goodbye old styles), doc appt prep (paperwork), dog meds refill picked up, two bags' essential groceries-- no room in still-loaded car! Jammed to ceiling! And phone calls to restart sociopolitical stuff from the fall. I planted the paperwhites I'd left myself in the fridge, using up gravel I'd also left-- in pretty glass tumblers I'd found in November in the garage..... more napping....

Tdy was the actual doc appt (they OKd Newbie coming next time), MY meds picked up, and a toenail trim for Newbie at the enormous kennel where they know her, on sight, by name. Then before my new cold's fever could catch me, I 'girl-power'-unloaded 2/3 of the car into garage space cleared in November, and was able to catch the 12-year-old neighbor getting off the bus for muscling the cargo over the next few days, during the anticipated Friday snowstorm. I brought in one strategic armload.

That leaves tomorrow (Thursday) to fill the car back up w groceries and dog food, bringing in only what must come in, tmrw-- a lot can sit in the car for me to bring in gradually, in my snow boots.

Till then, the thaw and sunshine between snowstorms here has shown me a good look at my thriving, sleeping gardens.

I can mostly only skim the thread to see everyone's great progress: GogogoGO!