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Posted By: Senoufou
11-Jan-18 - 06:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: 20 days to tax return deadline!
Subject: RE: BS: 20 days to tax return deadline!
Oh God Bonzo, my husband cleaned one holiday barn in addition to his employment by a local authority cleaning a school. The Tax people said he should declare himself self-employed as well as PAYE.
Every blooming year I helped him do his self-assessment for a few pathetic quid, well below the personal allowance threshold. And every year it cam back as 'no Tax owed'. But, of course, we wanted everything to be above board, so we complied.
Two years ago he gave up the holiday barn cleaning. But the rigmarole needed to close his self-employed status and account has been unbelievable.
Their forms online are ridiculous, and self-contradictory so the next page won't load. When you ring their helpline, you listen to music for half an hour (paying for the call too!)
I finally managed to get a lovely lady who has sorted it all out, closed his self-employed account, notified every department involved and will post us documents to that effect. I was abject in my gratitude.
There is a fine of £100 if one doesn't submit the Tax Return on time. I can see why some people just work on a cash-in-hand basis, 'lying low and sayin' nuffin'!!