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14-Jan-18 - 12:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: to heal historical trauma
Subject: Native Americans in Canada: survivors
The old thread that I had in mind was
ThreadId=163432 where the posts come from North America largely.
I am lousy at linking to one Mudcat thread within a post to another Mudcat thread,
otherwise I would do so here.

And there was a specific situation I had in mind as well.
I was on the mailing list, before 1995,
for the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation,
having participated in one of their five-day intensives,
which was held in the United States where I live.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation (Kamloops is mentioned in EKR archives onsite)

It was from the E K-R Foundation, however, that
I first heard of Kamloops, British Columbia.
Later I would hear of Port Alberni on Vancouver Island,
which is where a young UC minister named Kevin Annett made his entrance.
But Annett was still a parish minister
in 1992 when Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and her team of counselors
were traveling to Kamloops to support traumatized people.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross witnessed the camp of Majdanek at the end of the second War,
and has regularly spoken/written of same in telling her own story;
so genocide was something she took seriously.
Her Foundation, when acknowledging their work in Kamloops,
for some reason used the term "mass murder" rather than "genocide."
By whatever name you call it, Kübler-Ross knew whereof she spoke,
and she and her team were on the front lines working with survivors.

Recently the name Kevin Annett came up for the first time for me.
Annett is big on information, messages, communication, and
getting people to notice him and listen to him. He is noisy.

While you, or I, may have reservations about Dr. Kübler-Ross,
about the taboos she broke or the causes she pursued,
or the company in which she pursued those causes,
her commitment to her fellow man, if flawed, is common knowledge.
People in the helping professions know her work.

However, I have contacted someone, let's say, working the front lines with survivors and the generations born later than the survivors,
someone who respects Kübler-Ross's contributions.
And asked this professional about Kevin Annett.
The response was : "never heard of him."
This made me stop and think.

The professional I contacted is well-informed on Native American historical trauma
and has worked first-hand with Native American schoolchildren
in an initiative to prevent adolescent suicides and to stop bullying.
I am convinced that this person knows the score.
And if such a professional can live without Kevin Annett's noisemaking,
I probably can as well.