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Posted By: Mr Red
18-Jan-18 - 11:48 AM
Thread Name: BS: Indignities of Aging: the Sordid Truth
Subject: RE: BS: Indignities of Aging: the Sordid Truth
It is definitely not a function of diet. well being analytical for a moment - I think you would find diet is a factor, amongst others like DNA and anno domini. The problem is how to analyse, like eating one thing only, then introducing one food, then another until.............. skid marks.

And on the subject of menapause: I have advised my two neices to mug up on the subject (in their 20s). Both were firmly of the opinion that it wasn't going to happen for so long it was not worth it. My rejoinder was to arm them with enough knowledge so that there was no surprise. The oldest is now in her 40s and, well, I hope she listened.

With any luck they will fall into the 50% trouble free cohort, but it is an even bet they won't. And it is 5 to 1 against them suffering like their grandmother. I was too young and widowed mothers didn't discuss such things with teenage sons. But I have since been close to one lass who had severe problems. And two lasses who didn't. There - I am average by association!

My message here is: find out before it is necessary. To know what might be involved, and how to cope. Knowledge is power.

Now - if I suffer a stroke, will my brain be cute enough to recognise the situation, recall the knowledge I have stored, and act? I suspect not, but hell! I intend to try.