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Posted By: Bill D
22-Jan-18 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: Indignities of Aging: the Sordid Truth
Subject: RE: BS: Indignities of Aging: the Sordid Truth
I wondered where this thread came from... then read it and found I had posted to it several times.., I will add my favorite personal remark about age:

Years ago, I was standing near a group of teens, overheard one young lady lament: "OMG, next week I'm turning 20! I'm not gonna be a teenager any more!"

Unable to resist, I leaned close and in a serious tone said, "Hey... 20 is good! Nothing wrong with 20! Why, I liked it so well, I've done it 3 times!"

They just looked at me as if the idea made no sense.

If the opportunity came again, I'd say it differently... I'd say "I've done it 3 times and almost to the 4th!"

Yesterday, I climbed up a step ladder to do some cleaning and hang some light fixtures in out newly repaired attic. I remember often how many of my friends would not be able to.

*crossing fingers that I can continue to outlive my teeth*